Senior Elite Artist

Beauty veteran, Michael Fox has been making people beautiful in Nashville for 17 years. Early in his career, Michael pursued national-level education for razor cutting techniques under Canada’s famed Wayne Grund. Michael’s studies in color therapy and placement continued to advance under Misael Aponte of Schwarzkopf. Michael discovered he had a love of natural, curly hair. This discovery led to his most recent certification; The Ouidad technique, the only patented system for cutting curly hair. 

Michael is an experienced colorist and has perfected natural looks that most flatter his clients and fit their lifestyle. “When my clients leave my chair, I want them to love their hair and understand how to work with it. I get a deep personal satisfaction when a client returns saying they finally love their hair.”, Michael is excited to be at BBC Nashville where he can continue to create looks his clients love.

BOOKING: call/text Michael @ 615-330-8117 or email