naturally derived
PETA certified vegan

year-round healthy glow
no harsh chemicals

custom blended
SEASONALLY appropriate shades
airbrushed on by hanD



Seeking a healthier sunless tanning experience, BBC Nashville has partnered with SJOLIE — the industry’s leading naturally derived sunless tanning manufacturer. Did we mention it’s certified vegan by PETA? All solutions are paraben free, erythrulose free, urea free, mineral oil free, and gluten free. No more harsh chemicals!


Your Artist will consult with you to determine your base skin tone and discuss goals. They will then create custom blended, seasonally appropriate shades that provide you with a year-round healthy glow. Automated machines can result in an uneven tan—this is why at BBC Nashville your tan will always be hand airbrushed by a tanning professional.


Our naturally derived tanning solutions are fragrance free, but you have the option of adding a complimentary fragrance during your session. The most popular additive is our anti-aging Moisture Lock—which nourishes your skin and helps extend the life of your tan. Topical CBD treatments are available to add to your tan, or as a stand-alone service for balanced skin and pain management.


[  s e r v i c e    m e n u  ]


our original aloe vera based solution

a custom blend of our original formula and our luxe solution

achieve your perfect shade in just 2-4 hours development time


Aloe Glow / Luxe + Aloe / Rapid Luxe
$11 / 13 / 15

UPPER HALF ONLY (includes face)
Aloe Glow / Luxe + Aloe / Rapid Luxe
$20 / 23 / 25

Aloe Glow / Luxe + Aloe / Rapid Luxe
$20 / 23 / 25

all tanning services include: ph balancer (acts as an astringent by bringing the pH of the skin to ideal levels for DHA absorption - enhances moisture retention - Removes oils, makeup and other daily buildup - Improves spray tan life by 20-30%); barrier cream (applied and removed by your artist for precise and natural tan lines on palms, elbows, and soles of the feet); disposable garments and a hair net

additives / treatments

will tighten the wrinkles on the skin, giving a beautiful, refreshing, younger look to your skin / locks in moisture to help extend the life of your tan

produces a glowing effect / select from GOLDEN (adds shimmer and a golden hue) or OPALESCENT (subtle, sheer shimmer)
$5 (tan additive) / $25 (stand alone session)


silky soft, all natural, and freshly scented / dries and sets your tan, allowing you to get dressed immediately / clothes and bedding stay clean

all-natural CBD concentrate to help in balancing and restoring the health of the skin and body [does NOT contain THC]

all-natural CBD concentrate to help in balancing and restoring the health of the skin and body / applied with deionized, UV cleansed water [does NOT contain THC]






Members receive:
3 ALOE GLOW sessions per month
$3 Mousture Lock or Shimmer
Free birthday ALOE GLOW session (includes Lock+Shimmer)
Free birthday Tan Extend Lotion
10% off all retail products

Members receive:
3 LUXE + ALOE sessions per month
$3 Moisture Lock or Shimmer
Free birthday LUXE + ALOE session (includes Lock+Shimmer)
Free birthday Tan Extend Lotion
10% off all retail products



ALOE GLOW - 2 Pack

ALOE GLOW - 4 Pack

ALOE GLOW - 6 Pack

LUXE + ALOE - 2 Pack

LUXE + ALOE - 4 Pack

LUXE + ALOE - 6 Pack




our tanning GODDESS:

Allison Johns

Allison has been immersed in the beauty industry since 2009; specializing in skincare, spray tanning, waxing, makeup, high frequency, and lash lifting/tinting. She loves making people feel their absolute best, and establishing meaningful connections with her guests. Studying the newest techniques and staying on top of the latest trends is paramount to her success in helping her guests achieve their goals. 

When she’s not in the studio you’ll find her at local rock shows, hunting for vintage finds, or practicing yoga and meditation. Did we mention she has the greenest thumb in town?

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The Day Before Your Tan

Moisturize the skin with a hydrating body lotion or moisturizer 18-24 hours before the session

Exfoliate with a spa grade exfoliator 18-24 hours before the session (our natural sugar scrub is perfect)

Complete your shaving routine 18-24 hours before session and wax no less than 24 hours before

Schedule manicure and pedicure services 24 hours before the session

The Day of Your Tan

Avoid contact with sweat and water, until your designated shower time

Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing to avoid the color transfer and rub off while the tan develops

Avoid white bedding while the tan develops

Do NOT wear leggings, silk, closed toed shoes, socks, tight or white clothing

Do NOT apply deodorant, perfume, body oils, or moisturizer to the skin

Do NOT touch or scratch areas of the body where the solution has been applied while the tan develops

Do NOT shower before your designated shower time

Oily skin types usually develop lighter and may require an extra spray after 24-48 hours to get your base color

After Your Tan

Always pat dry, do not rub, when exiting the shower

Moisturize at least once a day with a Tan Extend Lotion

Drink plenty of water

Use a gentle non-acidic body wash

Avoid shaving; if necessary, use a new sharp razor without a moisture strip

Avoid chlorine and salt water exposure

Avoid excess activity that would cause sweating

Remember: When you take a shower or a bath you will probably see some color wash off. Don’t worry. This is quite normal as it is only the color guide that the spray tan technician uses when the tan is applied. You will be left with a gorgeous tan.




[ T H R E E E A S Y S T E P S ]

At BBC Nashville we exclusively use and sell SJOLIE Sunless products because of their commitment to being PETA certified vegan and using the most nourishing luxury ingredients. What follows is a simple guide to help you decide on what products to use to prepare your skin for your tanning session, and how to keep that golden glow even and beautiful until your next session.


PRE-TAN: Exfoliation should be part of everyone’s health regimen; however, exfoliating before a spray tan is especially important. We recommend selecting one of our spa grade scrubs below to use when showering 18-24 hours before your tanning session. Please note: exfoliating will remove some or all of the color from a spray tan. This step is only to be followed when preparing for your next sunless tanning session.

All Natural Sugar Scrub

A natural scrub, with only four ingredients and oil free.  Formulated with high-quality sugar to clean pores and rid the face and skin of any blemish-causing dirt or oils, exposing the newer epidermal layer. The perfect before tan prep or for those times your skin needs a fresh start.

  • 100% Vegan (Approved by the Peta foundation)

  • Made from only naturally derived ingredients

  • Paraben free and Erythrulose free

  • Designed as a full body exfoliator

  • Non-scented


This non-abrasive Exfoliating Body Wash prepares and polishes the skin for any type of tan.  Our exfoliating body wash is designed to give skin a silky, moisturizing finish to extend the health and longevity of a tan. Suitable for all skin tones and types.

  • 100% Vegan (Approved by the Peta foundation)

  • Made from only naturally derived ingredients

  • Paraben free and Erythrulose free

  • Designed as a facial and full body exfoliating cleanser

  • Pineapple scent


PRE-TAN: You should moisturize 18-24 hours before your spray tan session, especially after exfoliation. Moisturizing will help to strengthen the skin and allow for the tan to last longer and fade evenly. For pre-tan hydration you should make sure the product is:
-Paraben free
-Contains zero or minimal sulfates, alcohols or other harsh and acidic ingredients
-Provides moisture without excessive oils that will strip the tan; water-based is ideal
-Contains minimally added fragrance
(most natural/organic lotions will meet the above criteria—avoid body butters and balms, as these often contain too many oils)

POST-TAN: Hydration is key to a long lasting spray tan; be sure you stay hydrated inside and out. Drink plenty of water and use a moisturizing lotion 1-2 times per day (see Tan Extender Lotion in step 3).


Product usage is essential in maintaining a flawless, lasting tan. Be sure you are using the proper daily product in your maintenance regimen (moisturizers, washes, creams, etc.). A lot of beauty products on the market contain ingredients that will strip your tan (yikes!). Purchasing SJOLIE Sunless products from BBC Nashville is the foolproof option for maintaining your tan.

Using our Tan Extender Lotion at least once a day will improve the longevity of your spray tan. Tan Extender Lotion contains a small % of DHA which will not only moisturize the skin but also provides a small amount of gradual color to keep your skin looking flawless.

How a tan fades varies per individual, depending on your skin type and how often you shower or wash your face. Because folks tend to wash their faces more frequently, this is often the first section that will fade more quickly. Our Instant Airbrush and Bronze Fusion Gel are perfect for touching up your face and body in between tanning sessions. These two products are especially popular when you are going on vacation. Keep that glow for the duration of your trip!

NON-ACIDIC body wash

A specially designed body cleanser packed with moisturizing agents that leave skin clean, hydrated and healthy to prolong a natural sunless glow. This wash will not strip the skin of its natural components and will prolong the developed color from DHA. Anti-aging and pH balancing, this body wash will provide a moisture lock to enhance your skin texture. Suited for all skin types.

  • 100% Vegan (Approved by the Peta foundation)

  • Made from only naturally derived ingredients

  • Paraben free and Erythrulose free

  • Designed as a facial and full body cleanser

  • Vanilla Lavender scent

tan extender lotion

A hydrating daily moisturizer which gives added life and vibrancy to any tan. Suited for all skin types, this Tan Extend lotion contains a hint of tanning ingredients (DHA) that will help build and keep your just-off-the-beach tan.

  • 100% Vegan (Approved by the Peta foundation)

  • Made from only naturally derived ingredients

  • Paraben free and Erythrulose free

  • Designed as a facial and full body self-tanning moisturizer

  • Pineapple scent


An easy to use facial and full body self-tanning spray perfect for any skin tone. Instant Airbrush contains 8% DHA and 100% premium color correcting ingredients. Our instant Airbrush Self-Tanner utilizes our rich organic blend to craft an ideal cosmetic bronzer perfect for anyone looking to achieve a streak-free on-the-go glow.

  • 100% Vegan (Approved by the Peta foundation)

  • Made from only naturally derived ingredients

  • Paraben free and Erythrulose free

  • Designed as a facial and full body self-tanner


A lightweight and soothing self-tanning liquid gel with bronze burst microspheres for effortless instant and lasting color. The color correcting bronzing spheres burst, giving the skin a healthy glow that blends perfectly with your natural or sunless color while the cooling gel gives you color that will progressively develop and last for days. You may also mix into your daily moisturizer. Contains 8% DHA.

  • 100% Vegan (Approved by the Peta foundation)

  • Made from only naturally derived ingredients

  • Paraben free and Erythrulose free

  • Designed as a facial and full body self-tanner




What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) affects the body’s Endocannabinoid system (ECS); ECS is responsible for maintaining the body’s equilibrium. ECS aids in the production of natural cannabinoid in the body, and impacts sleep, pain, immune response, hormones, mood, and appetite.

[ All-Natural ]

[ Does not contain THC ]

[ Water-Soluble ]

What is the difference between Hemp and Marijuana

Although both plants are from the species cannabis, cannabis sativa (hemp) contains virtually no THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), the active ingredient in marijuana. Hemp cannot be used as a psychoactive drug because it produces virtually no THC (less than 0.3%), whereas marijuana produces between 5-20% THC. In the United States, Canada, and Europe, the level of THC in hemp is limited to .03% or three-tenths of one percent. The CBD in our products has been third party tested and verified to be at a non-detectable THC level.

Does CBD Restore Concentrate contain any Marijuana? Will it get me high ?

No and no.  Our products are completely free of THC, the compound of the cannabis plant that produces psychoactive effects (i.e., a high or sense of euphoria).

Why incorporate CBD into your sunless treatments?

Common skin conditions are known to affect a spray tan negatively; fight the odds and achieve a quality spray tan by utilizing the newest skin soother: Restore CBD Concentrate.

When applied topically, CBD will penetrate through the pores and epidermis, absorb into the body to react with its natural cannabinoid receptors ultimately resulting in balanced skin and pain management. CBD oils used topically rejuvenate & sooth the skin, noticeably relieving pain, rashes and irritation, reducing acne, reducing inflammation, hydrating the skin, plus it has antibacterial antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. The Restore CBD Concentrate is ideal for anyone experiencing:

[ Joint and muscle pain ]

[ Inflammation ]

[ Muscle spasms ]

[ Dry or acne prone skin ]

[ Redness or Rosacea ]

[ Eczema or Psoriasis ]